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Since its start in late 2005, Xubo Media has been committed to offering quality content services to customers in China. Youstem.com, another example to demonstrate the very effort of the company, is intended to help people create, maintain, share family heritage information including personal stories, photos, articles, etc in order for the younger generations to know the history of their families, pay tributes to their ancestors, friends and beloved ones, and hence inspire themselves in their today's lives.

China is a country in which people honor their family roots, and pay great respect to their traditions. Today, more and more Chinese are becoming wealthy due to the country's economic growth, and at the same time, more people across the globe become living much closer to one another due to the globalization of the world economy. In light of all these social and economical developments, we believe people are further attentive to traditional and diverse values that help enrich their lifestyles. Therefore, lineage histories we believe will offer extensive culture backgrounds, supplement broadly what's generally written by historians, stimulate and help people communicate and share their common interests.

Built with the latest Web2.0 technologies, Youstem.com provides the most comprehensive functions to the Chinese to help them manage digitized lineage data. Unlike many other services, our services do not just manage a bunch of scanned documents which consume a heavy load of memory space and are hard to be updated in future, but instead, our data is always digital. Also we offer customers a dual platform solution, both network and PC based, which allow family members to communicate and share information easily within the family. In addition, we take into accounts of the unique and specific data requirements for managing a typical Chinese family book, including poetic statements for a family's descendant names, the differentiation of sibling order from documentation order, the use of sacralized names to honor the family, input of both lunar and Gregorian calendar dates, the use of generation name, and setting a member as the head of the family while maintaining and adjusting the generation names of the family members automatically.

The following sums up the major functions of our service:

Family:Each family has an Admin and two successors. The Admin is in charge of creating and managing members, their relationships within the family, the celebrity status, their spouse and friends, textual and graphical contents, and the links that allow to jump to the spouse or friends families. The Admin can transfer the family to one of the successors, decides if to open up the family to the public or keep it private so that it will be only accessible to all joined members. The Admin also can approve membership applications or/and recommendations, approve articles and tributes, and issue family newsletters. Finally, the Admin can backup family data, upload and restore it, print, and cut-and-paste a tree branch out and in his/her family tree.

Monument: A monument, built for a family member or anyone who hasn't yet built a family on our website, is the place where people can come to pay respect to a beloved one, write tributary comments, and so on. There are three types of monuments: Celebrity, Event, and Personal.

Contents: Family contents, textual and graphical, are managed solely by the family Admin. They include a family standard photo, a family photo album, member default photo, background information, newsletters, etc. Member contents, including those of the spouse and friends, are managed by both a joined member him/herself and the Admin. These contents include an individual member's default photo, a photo album, background information, events, articles, and tributes.

Printing: This function is developed with many great features, and it has really made possible to allow users to share family contents across the physical and cyber space. We currently support two style: eBook and the Pagoda style. An eBook renders a lineage tree according to the generation order first, member's documentation order second, and last the sibling order. Each eBook also has a generation index on each page, and has embedded links that allow readers to jump from one family to another easily. Furthermore, our print algorithm is designed in the way that can deal with unlimited number of a member's spouse and his/her children, and it presents the family information in four sections, from Background, Celebrities, to Tree and a Name Index table. The Pagoda style allows user to print and paste all papers together so that the entire family tree can be presented in a single space to give people the overview of the lineage path.

Membership: There are three ways to become an officially joined member to a family: First, a registered user, after matching him/herself against a member on a tree, can apply for the membership of the family. Secondly, a family's Admin can issue an invitation Email to ask someone to join his/her managed family. Last, a joined member can recommend the family's Admin to invite someone to join. All joined members will have the right to co-manage his/her personal contents, his/her spouse and friends' contents, and exchange Email with other members.

Communications:As mentioned early, a family's Admin can issue newsletters, invite someone to join his/her managed family as a member. In the meantime, every member can write and publish articles, or send Email to another member who belongs to the same family, or he/she can recommend someone to join the family. Anyone will be able to write to a family's Admin by Email, build a monument of his/her beloved one, leave a complimentary note as a tribute to a member, or recommend the family he/she's browsing to someone. Finally, we provide surname stories, historic celebrities, lineage knowledge, today-in-history, and a Community Space that offers a place to allow people to exchange ideas and share contents on a broader basis.

Data Mining: Various search can be conducted on the our website, as for families, monuments, members, spouse and friends, published articles, tribute messages, family tree knowledge, surname stories, and historic celebrities, etc. In addition, a background search to match each family with other registered families is also provided. Last but not least, we help people dig data from the system with regard to the Same-Surname-Families, Same-Name-Members, Same-Place-Families, and Same-Generation-Members.

Others: A registered user can collect or "bookmark" families, members, monuments, published articles, tributes, family tree knowledge, surname stories, and historic celebrities. Also he/she can subscribe anniversary notification Email regarding a member's birthday or the date on which his/her beloved passed away.

"YstmClient": This PC-based software can be downloaded and installed on a personal computer. It enables users to manage and edit their families without login to our website. Data on YstmClient can be exchanged between our website and user computers by our exporting and importing functions.

Compile-up: Last but not least, we also help those who don't have time to create their family books.